30 June 2017

Catholic Bishop Conference – Gitmo 2 Should Be Sent Back To US


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The Catholic Bishops Conference has called for the Gitmo 2 to be sent back to the US on the back of the Supreme Court decision ruling their stay unconstitutional.

President of the Conference, Reverend Philip Naameh, said in light of the ruling, the pair cannot continue their stay in Ghana.

The Supreme Court in a recent ruling held that the government of President Mahama erred in agreeing to house the Gitmo 2 without Parliamentary approval, which contravened Article 75 of the 1992 constitution.

But speaking to Citi News after the ruling, the Rev Philip said the Conference would have no problem with the repatriation of the duo since the Supreme Court left it as an option in their ruling.

“Once it makes provision for the detainees to be taken back to the country I will support that because there might have been a reason why US did not want the people to come back to the US” he told Citi News.

“…So if the ruling of the Supreme Court is that either it goes back to Parliament so that it is legalized or the people are taken to the US , I will think that it is the most logical thing [to send them back] because we were saying we did not see that it was legal enough and it has been confirmed by the Supreme Court ruling and therefore if they will take them back to the US, we will have no issue with that.” he added.


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