24 August 2017

‘Catch them young’- Akufo-Addo urges EP Church to attend to childhood education

Akufo Addo meet the press

The president Nana Akufo-Addo has urged leaders of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church to turn their attention towards early childhood education in Ghana.

While he is fascinated by the interest of Ghana’s churches to build, manage, and take responsibility for tertiary education, he urged the EP Church and others to show a religious devotion to childhood education.

He was speaking at the 8th Biennial General Assembly of the EP Church of Ghana currently underway at Legon in Accra.

Emphasising on the theme of the event which “Breaking new grounds,” the president said the EP Church must embark on a mission of attaining new visions and goals, one of which should be on the training at the early stages of education.

The president minced no words in saying the country has failed in providing the requisite training and knowledge to the country’s children.

There is obvious and great need in the sector,” he said, adding, EP used to be active in the sector.

Quoting the words of the great philosopher Aristotle-“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man,” the president it is time for the church to catch the children young and you will have them for life.

According to him, the values of the church is needed in this sector of education.

He said his values of hardwork, attitude and character were formed primarily by the education he had growing up and believes the church has a superior role to play in that regard.

For a church that suffered a major split in the early 1980s, the president said he is happy the ideals, principles that the underpinned the EP Church has not been diluted in anyway.

He charged the leaders of the church to continue helping in the nation building effort.

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