13 July 2017

Cars 3 undeniably has moments of true Pixar beauty but the unlikable characters are its downfall

Cars 3

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Cars 3
Cars 3 is the latest edition in the Pixar series, and retains its predecessors moments of true Pixar beauty
Rex Features

As is tradition with Pixar, I’ll start with the ever excellent short that precedes their main event.

This time around we have the delightful Lou, which tells the story of a playground bully learning a few life lessons from the Lost and Found box.

It is as simple, touching and delightful as always, with a few nods to Toy Story. Truly lovely stuff.

Whilst the big feature, the third in the difficult Cars trilogy, has moments of true Pixar beauty, it tends to suffer the same symptom of the previous two.

I just don’t really care much for the characters.

This might sound daft when talking about a film studio built on talking toys, fish with amnesia and an old man in a balloon-flying house, but the Cars universe doesn’t make any sense. I can’t settle into it.

Cars 3
Yet our critic found himself struggling to care much for the characters
Rex Features

Pixar releases 'dark' new trailer for Cars 3

They have human eyes and doors that are never used.

What did they do with the humans?

There is a fan theory that they killed us all off . . . and I find that more believable than a band of fork-lift trucks playing Bruce Springsteen.

This has everything required to keep fans sated and deals with Lightning McQueen getting old in a nice way, but it feels like filler to sell toys.

And as sweet and sentimental as it is, John Lasseter’s pet project may well be sent to live on a farm somewhere.


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