08 July 2017

Cancer stricken Linda Nolan was preyed on by sick troll who posed as Manchester bombing victim in sinister ‘catfish’ scam

CANCER-hit Linda Nolan has been targeted by a scheming troll who posed as a seriously-injured victim of the Manchester Arena terror attack to gain her trust.

The kind-hearted star has told how she spent nearly a month swapping Facebook messages with the young woman who claimed she had been hurt protecting her sister in the suicide blast.

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Linda said she feels ‘victimised’ after being taken in by the troll[/caption]

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Many young people were genuinely caught up in the atrocity[/caption]

Linda told the Sunday Mirror she also spoke to the young woman for hours on the phone and confided in her about her own incurable breast cancer battle.

She even got sister Coleen to send  “Emily Hughes” best wishes on her hit show Loose Women.

However, the night before she was to meet the “25-year-old” in hospital, the hoaxer faked her own death.

When Linda noticed that the death toll from the tragedy had not risen from 22, she realised she had been duped in a “catfish” scam.

“This is a vile human being. How sick can a person get?” said furious Linda yesterday.

“I think she’s sick in the head. I wanted to help her and I thought we had a connection.”

Linda was first contacted on Facebook by someone claiming to be called “Mia’”just after the attack by bomber Salman Abedi at an Ariana Grande concert.

She said her sister “Emily” lived in Cardiff and was due to have her leg amputated after being injured in the attack.

The woman asked for Linda to get in touch saying her sister was a massive fan.

Linda said: “I wanted to reach out and support her. I thought I was helping this poor girl.”

After that, the pair were in regular contact and even gave each other pet names, “mumma bear” and “baby bear.”

Linda said: “I shared with her how I was feeling, things about my family. I talked to her about my treatment, counselling and how it helped me.”

Then she got a text saying  Emily had died on the eve of their first planned meeting.

People paid tribute to the lives lost in the horror terror attack
People paid tribute to the lives lost in the horror terror attack
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Hundreds of mourners turn out in pink and blue for the funeral of teen sweethearts killed in Manchester Arena bombing
Linda said: “She must have panicked and thought I would turn up at the hospital when there was no one there.

“When I found out it was all a hoax I just thought ‘why?’ I felt sick to my stomach, then embarrassed I had fallen for it. I feel victimised.

Linda called Lancashire Police, but they said they were unable to act as no crime had been committed a she had not been asked for money or threatened the star.

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