25 February 2017

How Can God Be This WICKED? Tonto Dikeh Said Last Year That God Sent Her Husband to Her After Prayers And He Turned Her Life Around


Tonto Dikeh-Churchill

The God concept is an interesting one–reading some of the messages Tonto Dikeh, who is today saying her husband is a liar, a cheat, a scam and a woman beater posted a few months ago makes us wonder what people actually mean when they say God has sent them something.

Earlier last year, Tonto Dikeh wrote on Instagram:

“A lot of you email,text,Dm,call and send comments to me to explain how I turned my life Around and became so happy and fulfilled and have a man to call my Own..Some ask how I got so LUCKY to marry such an incredible man and Live such a blessed life now.. Well the truth is I INVESTED MY TIME IN PRAYER TO GOD ON WHAT I REALLY WANTED.. Join me in this beautiful Prayer Project,And I promise your Love life will never remain the same Again.. If you have a spouse at the end of this project you can wrap your project book up and give it to them as a gift??”

Today, she is singing a different song–and the question is: did God really send Tonto Dikeh such a wicked man?

And to all those who were saying they tap into Tonto Dikeh’s blessing when she got married–be ready for your own, just like hers…


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