Campus France Ghana fair slated for October

Iddi Yire, GNA

Accra, July 28, GNA –
The Campus France Ghana Fair, the first ever study in French Fair and Exhibition
Show for all French professional students, will be held from October 3 to 5, in
Accra and Kumasi.

Mr Francois Pujolas,
the French Ambassador, said the Fair would be opened to all Ghanaians to enable
them get information on what to do to gain admission and scholarship to
tertiary institutions in France.

He said there were so
many opportunities for Ghanaian students to study in France on scholarship.

He said: “For
instance, you can come to France but study in English.”

Speaking to the Ghana
News Agency in Accra, Mr Pujolas said the fair would provide a perfect
opportunity for meetings between academic institutions from France and their
Ghanaian counterparts.

He said during the
fair a platform would be launched for all former Ghanaian alumnae of France
tertiary institutions.

“We estimated their
numbers of few hundreds and we have already online registered 200 of them,” he

Mr Pujolas said there
were some very prominent Ghanaian personalities on the list as former alumnae.

“This will be a big
event as well and for that reason we want to connect with those people who went
to study in France, because they can play a role also in promoting the study in
France to the young Ghanaian people,” he added.

He said there was an
increasing trend of the number of Ghanaian students going to France purposely
to study; adding that “and that is what we will put resources in because we
believe in the future and the future means the younger generation”.

The Ambassador said
the objective of the Campus France Ghana Fair was to make the information on
studying in France more accessible to Ghanaian students and to increase
co-operation between academic institutions themselves from both countries.

“There are already
programmes, of course we are not starting from scratch, there are already some
cooperation in place between universities in Ghana and universities in France;
but we want to develop that. So we will do that. That is an opportunity for
them to meet like university to university,” he said.

Mr Pujolas noted that
over the years, there had been some level of students exchange between the two
countries; stating that French political science students prefer Ghana as their
destination for exchange programmes to all other African countries.

“It is nice to create
some solidarity between generations and awareness about France and Ghana,” the
Ambassador said.

On 60 years of Ghana
and France relationship Mr Pujolas said: “The Ghana – France relationship is
about better facing the challenges of the day and preparing for a better
future, which means sustainable future for both countries, Europe and Africa at
the same time.”

“That is what we want
to achieve through co-operation and peace and stability, economic development
and cultural diversity,” he stated.


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