27 July 2017

Call Me ‘S*xy’ And ‘Plus Sized’ And Not ‘Fat’ – Actress Pleads With Ghanaians


Actress Belinda Sefakor Dzattah says Ghanaians should not describe her as fat as that is ‘unfair’.

According to the actress, she will prefer to be described as ‘plus sized’ or s*xy’, rather than fat.

“Don’t call me fat, refer to me as a plus-size person. In fact, call me s*xy because I am. It is rude to call anyone fat”, she said in a recent interview with the state owned Showbiz.

“I do get comments like I’m fat, big and all that from people and on social media but then I want to use this opportunity to say such comments are unfair and it is not something I am happy about. Instead of calling me fat or big, refer to me as plus-size and s*xy.” she added.

“I was born like this, I have always been like this. Anyone who knows me from childhood will not be surprised to see me like this,”


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