08 August 2017

Burning 10 excuvators: Operation Vanguard acted foolishly – Pratt

Editor of the Insight Newspaper and Social Commentator, Kwasi Pratt Jnr has slammed the anti-illegal mining ‘Operation Vanguard’ describing their burning of seized excuvators as senseless.

Operation Vanguard made of up armed Military/Police personnel reportedly invaded Extra Gold Company at Akyem Banso in the Eastern region and set some excavators of the company ablaze.

They’re said to have reportedly fired several gunshots at the premises of the company Monday.

The taskforce also invaded the mining sites of other miners working under lease concession of Extra Gold limited, where two of the miners have been arrested while others escaped.

But speaking on Peace Tuesday, Kwasi Pratt Jnr who was disappointed in the action of the Taskforce said the team exercised poor judgment in burning the excuvators as they could have been put to good use by the state.

“We know galamsey is not good, but we can’t say same for the machines that are used for the illegal activity. These excuvators can be used to cover the pits that are dug by the illegal miners. These very pits that people fall into and lose their lives, can be covered using these same excuvators that has been burnt. So what is the sense in burning these machines as the country will require huge sums of monies to buy these same excuvators that are being burnt. You’ve been asked to go and fight galamsey but you go burning excuvators. Let’s apply the law and common sense in fighting galamsey.” 

Meanwhile, 26 illegal miners have been arrested so far by the taskforce and one person killed during a confrontation with the team at Kumasi.

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