25 August 2017

Bulldog – Samini Choosing Ebony Over Kaakie Shows He Doesn’t Believe In His Own Work


Artist manager Bulldog said Samini choosing Ebony over his own artist he brought up, Kaakie, was a massive blunder which shows Samini does not believe in his own work.

Bulldog, speaking on Joy Prime, called the move an own goal by Samini.

The ‘Yonnah’ hitmaker recently said as far as female dancehall stars go, he prefers Ebony over Kaakie, a move which shocked many since Samini himself brought Kaakie up through his High Grade Family.

“I’ll be surprised if really Samini chose Ebony over Kaakie, if it’s true he said that then he (Samini) has ‘shot himself in the foot’. Samini brought Kaakie up so does it mean, he didn’t believe in her (Kaakie)?” Bulldog said.

“Is Samini not proud of his work…? he wondered. “So for me it’s not about Kaakie but about Samini because she embodies Samini more. When Kaakie was coming up, it was High Grade Family that held her up so if Samini is saying this TODAY, then all the work he did was for nothing,” Bulldog added.

“How will Samini feel if someone or his own Manager (Tony Daning) chooses Shatta Wale over him (Samini)?”

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