28 July 2017

British jails are lawless, overcrowded cesspits of drug use and idle hopelessness — and they’re getting worse

Prisons chaos

OUR jails were already a disgrace. They are rapidly getting worse.

Too many are lawless, overcrowded cesspits of drug use and idle hopelessness, dramatically worsened by a dire shortage of guards.

Ten prisons across England and Wales have now been judged a ‘serious concern’ by the Ministry of Justice
PA:Press Association

It leads to 71 prisoners being set free by mistake. It triggers the anarchy which sees 26,643 assaults in a year and a trebling of attacks on staff since 2013.

It causes boredom, despair, increased self-harm and 97 suicides.

The fact half our prisons are officially of “serious concern” or “concern” is not the fault of new Justice Secretary David Lidington. But fixing them falls to him.

It has not helped that his predecessors barely had a chance to grasp the problems before they were fired.

Mr Lidington knows how desperate and urgent this is. Most pressing is the continued recruitment of 2,500 warders, though we doubt they will be enough.

He must somehow halt the tidal wave of drugs, legal highs, illicit mobiles and other contraband smuggled into jails or flown in by drone. He must question why we hold so many lags who are no danger to anyone on the outside.

Assaults in female prisons reached 1,023 – the highest in nine years
PA:Press Association Archive

And he must continue the Tories’ rehabilitation crusade, based around education and training, which is the surest way to slash reoffending rates.

As ever these problems are about funding. But cuts were unavoidable in 2010. Even now Britain is paying the price for Labour crashing the economy.

Money is still tight. But the Tories must pump some back into our prisons.

Brussels pout

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THE EU’s chief negotiator likes to throw his weight around. It is time David Davis put down a few of OUR red lines.

One must be we will have nothing to do with a 100billion euro divorce bill. We should pay only what we are committed to in the current budget — less our share of EU assets. If Michel Barnier continues to threaten to walk away, let him.

As for talk of the EU “banning” us from striking crucial new trade deals during any transition period, forget it.

Brussels wants to tie us in knots for years. We must not let them.

David Davis in Brussels for Brexit talks as cabinet urged to unite after rows

Labour’s toffs

Jeremy Corbyn
PA:Press Association

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour is now run for the middle class[/caption]

JEREMY Corbyn’s Labour is now run by and for the middle class.

The vast majority of its members play-acting as class warriors are well-heeled yuppies.

Corbyn’s manifesto consisted mainly of sneaky freebies for the middle class. Not much for working people.

So it is baffling to see his “Momentum” fanclub launch a hate-filled “attack” video caricaturing middle-class folk as selfish, out-of-touch and benefiting from having rich and powerful parents.

It could be describing Corbyn’s son, now comfortably sorted on Labour’s payroll. Or Corbyn’s guru Seumas Milne.

His daddy ran the Beeb, don’t you know.

Jeremy Corbyn claims he never actually promised to erase student debt
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