09 August 2017

Brit couples say childcare is one of their biggest source of arguments – with one in five admitting it ruins their relationship

CHILDCARE is a major source of conflict between couples, according to new research.

One in five couples admit that arranging it has a negative effect on their relationship.

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Over 40 per cent of mums said that finding someone to look after their children causes them stress and anxiety.

And often parents find no childcare is available, meaning almost half (48 per cent) have had to take time off work and over a third (37 per cent) have missed a family event.

The survey of 2,000 UK parents was conducted by the comparethemarket.com.

It reveals that almost half (48 per cent) expect to get an hour or less each evening to themselves and eight in 10 don’t think they get enough time alone together.

The desire to spend more quality time as a couple certainly doesn’t result from a lack of trying.

Spending ‘alone time together’ emerged as the most popular reason for hiring a babysitter, with three in 10 saying they call on a babysitter to simply have a ‘date night’ with their partner.

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Perhaps not surprisingly, mums are more likely to feel ‘childcare stress’ more than their partners.

Forty-two per cent said finding someone to look after their children causes them serious stress and anxiety, while under a third of dads (29 per cent) feel the same.

Over 80 per cent of mothers said they look after their children more than their partner, compared to just 20 per cent of dads.

Shakila Hashmi, Head of Money at comparethemarket.com, said: “It’s well documented that parents are feeling squeezed financially, with child care coming in as the third biggest monthly cost (excluding mortgages and rent) but this research reveals that they are increasingly squeezed for time too.

“Not only that, but difficulty in sourcing childcare is also causing problems. It’s therefore well worth parents investigating all forms of childcare in their area – from local babysitters to parents nearby – to ensure that they can get the time together they need but in the most cost-effective way possible.”

The full report into the findings is available here.

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