02 July 2016

Bridget Otoo suspended by TV3

bridgetOttooManagement of TV3 network has suspended New Day host and journalist, Bridget Otoo over what is believed to be unprofessional and indiscipline acts on and off air.

According to celebrity journalist, Ameyaw Debrah who broke the news of Bridget’s suspension after fans complained of her absence on the flagship morning show by the television network. There have been several reports about her behaviors towards both her colleagues and visitors to management.

Sources at TV3 say, her relationship with co-host Moon Sangmoor had grown out of hand and the rivalry between the two was even obvious during live shows. She has since proceeded on leave.

However, most fans on social media seem very happy with the recent suspension and have not hidden their joy about it with others asking for her head.

source: pulse ghana

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Bridget Otoo suspended by TV3” for 1 comment

  1. I don’t know what is happening in TV3? 2 years we have dedicately worked to make it stable and when we left the management has completely failed. I think its time the owners of TV3 has to dissolve the TV3 board, it a bunch of personalities who has no idea about running a TV channel, just clue less.