27 August 2017

Bride photographed breastfeeding newborn as she exchanged vows on her wedding day in Brazil

A BRIDE has been photographed breastfeeding her newborn as she exchanged vows on her wedding day.

Danielly Katsue, 24, fed three-month-old baby Kaua while tying the knot with Kale Rios, 26, in Brazil.

Photographer Monica Carvalho shared the wedding pictures on Instagram to show that women can breastfeed their babies “no matter the time or place”.

“I was scared at first but I was pretty sure people would find it as beautiful as I did,” Ms Carvalho told Mail Online.

“Fortunately the majority of people loved the images. Many said they were moved by the images, which is enough to know that I did a beautiful job.”

Many social media users have praised the candid photos.

One wrote: “I thought it was beautiful for this mother to do that. Wonderful photo. Congratulations.”

Another commented “This bride is perfection”, while one said: “What a beautiful picture! So much love in one photo.”

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