28 August 2017

BREAKING: AK 47 gun wielding macho men attack Gen. Mosquito

The General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, aka General Mosquito, has been attacked by AK 47 gun wielding macho men.

The incident, Kasapafmonline.com understands, happened on the Suhum – Teacher Mante stretch of the Accra-Kumasi Highways Monday afternoon.

Confirming the incident to Kasapafmonline.com, Gen. Mosquito said “Some people have attacked me but I am not sure whether they are armed robbers because nobody made any attempt of robbing me of my hard earned money or other valuables. I was on my way returning from my village to Accra and just when we were approaching Suhum, we saw a Toyota Tundra vehicle coloured black and white with registration number GT 666 12. When the car pulled off and was in the process of overtaking us, I heard them start banging on our car and our driver shouted and demanded to know why they were behaving that way.

“They then brought out their heads from the car and showed their faces. They were wearing masks. So, when they overtook our vehicle, there was another Toyota Tundra in front of us and these guys crossed that car the same way they did to us for the driver to stop. So, we also alighted and by the time we got down from our vehicle, they had grabbed the driver of the other Toyota Tundra and was about to beat him up.

“They were wielding AK 47 assault rifle and wearing masks. I have a friend army officer who was with me in the car so he got down first and identified himself and asked them what was their problem. I also intervened and asked them about their mission. Immediately after that they then got on board their Toyota Tundra and sped away.

“Likely for us, we took pictures of their vehicle but we couldn’t get their faces. So, I called the offices of the National Security to alert them about our ordeal and for them to be on the lookout for such vehicle. I have now entered Accra and yet to go home. We have also taken the contact details of the other driver whom they harassed in case we want to pursue the matter. Earlier on there was a convoy with registration number Odeneho and I don’t know whether this Toyota Tundra is related to the convoy or not. But from what I witnessed, there is no indication that they are police personnel. I don’t know what they were looking for. From the attitude they showed, there is no indication that they were also looking to rob unsuspected victims of their hard earned valuables,” Gen. Mosquito explained.


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