13 August 2017

Branch of of Waterstones pays 16 TIMES the business rates than one of Amazon’s massive distribution centres

A BRANCH of Waterstones is paying 16 times the business rates than one of Amazon’s massive distribution centres, it emerged last night.

Bookshop campaigners have demanded the online giants have their rate bill hiked following fury over their low tax bills.


Waterstones shop is being charged business rates 16 times higher than a massive Amazon distribution centre[/caption]


Waterstones pays £850 per square metre while Amazon’s centre pays just £52.50[/caption]

The Bedford bookshop pays £850 per square metre while Amazon’s nearby Marston Gate distribution centre pays £52.50, according to data released by the Booksellers Association.

The figures were published by the Sunday Express just days after HMRC sparked fury by giving Amazon a £1.3million tax rebate.

Bookshop fan Giles Clifton said: “It is wrong the current system is so heavily weighted against bricks and mortar retailers who are paying £2.41 in business rates for every £1 paid in corporation tax. We demand fair taxation for booksellers.”

He added: “These latest figures from Amazon confirm what has become an annual event.

“This is that Amazon is able to pay very low rates of tax in the UK under the present system.

“This gives Amazon – possessed of a huge market share and all the associated commercial bargaining power that goes with it – a further, substantial, advantage over its competitors in the UK book trade.”

Amazon said yesterday: “Amazon pays all the taxes that are required in every country where we operate.”

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