09 August 2017

‘Boys Who Call Girls Via Whatsapp Are Cheap and Lazy’ – Toke Makinwa


Popular Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa says guys who whatsapp call girls are cheap and Lazy!!

As usual dishing out her thoughts on popular vlog, Toke said when you call your girl via whatsapp it means you do not value.

“I think it is also okay to whatsapp, just as long as you also call. I think calling means he is actually putting in some effort to speak to you. But when I say call, I don’t mean whatsapp call; spend your money, let me feel you are on the phone for let’s say an hour on your money. I personally think if a guy whatsapp call me, I feel a certain kind of way,” she said.

She added: “If we are in the same country and you refuse to use your credit to call me, and you are whatsapp calling me… guys take it from me; girls like being called. You saying ‘oh let me just chat’, sometimes it makes us (girls) think you are lazy”


Do you agree with her?

Watch the video below…

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