20 June 2017

Boys aged 14 allegedly filmed sexual abuse of girl at South African school

Three 14-year-old schoolboys have appeared in a children’s court in South Africa’s Bloemfontein city on a charge of raping a 13-year-old girl at their school on 7 June, the privately owned OFM news site reports.

However, the case was postponed so that allegations that the boys had received death threats could be investigated, the news site quoted National Prosecution Authority (NPA) spokesman Phaladi Shuping as saying.

“Apparently there were threats that were posed to the learners. Our request as the NPA was that those threats must be investigated so that when we make a decision as to whether or not we release them to their parents, their safety is not at risk,” Mr Shuping said.

He added that they would remain in juvenile detention until their next court appearance which would be a bail hearing, OFM reported.

Last week, a video showing two boys fondling a girl against her will emerged on social media.

Tate Makgoe, the education minister for the central Free State province, which includes Bloemfontein, said he was shocked and disgusted by the boys’ behaviour, OFM reported.




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