Boy, 15, caught having sex with sheep

sheepA 15-year old Junior High School (JHS) student was on Thursday, July 7 found having sex with a sheep at Huniso in the Prestea-Huni Valley District in the Western Region.

Residents in the area were left in a state of shock as the Unit Committee Chairman of Huniso, Joseph Nfum told Class News the action of the boy was strange.

According to Mr. Nfum, he was resting on the said day when two young men came to his home in the company of the boy and asked if he knew the culprit. He answered in the affirmative that the boys lives in his house.

“One of the men indicated that he was home when he heard a sheep bleating in an unusual way endlessly. He rushed out and saw the boy having sexual intercourse with the sheep” Mr. Nfum stated.

According to him, the two men said they questioned him but he did not say anything.

He later reported to the Youth leader in the area because the Chief was not around. “As it stands now, we have to wait for the Chief and report to him for the next line of action,” he stated.

Boy, 15, caught having sex with sheepMeanwhile, the boy who looked worried told Class FM that he did not know what came over him to commit the act.

“I was in the room some few hours earlier and honestly, I do not know what pushed me to that. Something pressed me to go and have sex with the sheep,” he said.

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