06 August 2017

Bond actor Daniel Craig set to play 007 in two more movies despite his near quit as the famous British spy

JAMES BOND producers finally seem to have shaken, not stirred, some sense into DANIEL CRAIG.

I can reveal the actor is on the verge of signing for not one but two more installments of the spy franchise before hanging up his tux once and for all.

Daniel Craig is set to play secret agent James Bond in two more movies
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Producer BARBARA BROCCOLI has been spearheading negotiations with the actor, which will take him up to a total of six films as the world’s most famous secret agent.

While work is scheduled to begin on the 25th film next year, discussions are centring on a possible remake of 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service for Daniel’s subsequent final movie.

A Bond insider said: “There was plenty of talk about who would be the next Bond but Barbara has managed to talk Daniel into two more films.

“He is loved by audiences around the world and has driven a real resurgence for the movies at the box office, so bosses knew they couldn’t lose him just yet.

“The script is nearly ready for the 25th film, provisionally titled Shatterhand and scheduled to be released in November 2019, so there is no time to waste on getting Daniel locked in.

“But the deal is almost done and the idea of returning to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service for the 26th movie is really exciting.”

Craig, seen here in Bond film Spectra, will have played the part in six movies following the extra two
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He almost quit the role of the worlds most famous spy after tensions with director Sam Mendes
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Daniel Craig talks about new movie 'Spectre' at Royal premiere

But producer Barbara Broccoli has been in negotiations with Craig to appear in two more films
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The actor is on the verge of signing for two more movies including the remake of 1969 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
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“The film sees James get married, only for his wife to be killed, so it would be an explosive way to end his reign as 007.”

The original film starred GEORGE LAZENBY in his only outing as the suave hero.

With six Bond films under his belt, Daniel will go down in history as a 007 legend, just behind SIR SEAN CONNERY and SIR ROGER MOORE, who each fronted seven.

The original On Her Majesty's Secret Service starred George Lazenby as 007
The remake of the 1969 classic for the 26th movie would be an explosive way for Craig to end his reign as Bond

But the deal means actors including IDRIS ELBA, TOM HIDDLESTON, TOM HARDY and AIDAN TURNER have a lengthy wait before they can once again fight for the role of the iconic spy.

Yesterday, my sister column Biz on Sunday revealed Daniel had almost quit as Bond following creative tensions with director SAM MENDES.

He declared he would “rather slash his wrists” than reprise his role, but that has changed with Sam not returning.

Even if he doesn’t enjoy it, that Bond bonus will make it more than worthwhile.

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