30 August 2017

Bola Ray set to launch his Biography

celebrated Ghanaian broadcaster Nathan Kwabena Anokye Adisi (Bola Ray) is set to ignite the pursuit of personal and entrepreneurial passions with the upcoming release of his official biography.

It is Possible, the Bola Ray Story, penned by fellow Ghanaian Journalist, Obed Boafo, is a 320-page account of Bola Ray’s media industry rise over the past decades. The book also details his business-building journey over the last few years.

Two years in the making, the author affords the reader candid insight into how the EIB Network CEO rose to become a towering figure in the media scene in and beyond Ghana.
It is Possible, the Bola Ray Story will be available for sale from September this year.

According to Bola Ray, “I have a special book coming up about me in this September 21 2017. As I told that my whole story is in my book.”

Bola Ray was present as a guest on the show in spite of the regular host, Mr. Adisi generally known as Bola Ray said that he felt happy at 40 to be the CEO of a media corporation but absolutely not in his comfort zone.
“I have not arrived yet,” he depressed.

Bola Ray, who started as an ‘ordinary’ host years ago, at once climb up the levels to become a media celebrity, inspiring many young talents into their positions of power said that he deliberate his success in the industry about 20 years ago.

So, “I planned in the direction of this day when I was twenty years,” he further added that he is always motivated when he sees people inspired to be great people.
Moreover, touching on his walking out from the Joy FM, he expressed that he left because he wanted to give other people the chance to shine.


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