27 September 2016

BNI frees Fadi Daboussi

fadi-daboussiThe Bureau of National investigations (BNI) has released on bail Ghanaian-Lebanese Pilot and Author, Fadi Daboussie on Sunday.

The BNI picked up Mr. Dabboussie around midday on Friday upon arrival from an Egypt Air flight from Lebanon.

The BNI has not released a statement on the arrest, however, Joy News sources say Mr. Dabboussie was arrested because he has consistently made offensive and scalding comments against President John Mahama in articles.

In one of such articles, Mr. Dabboussie is said to have claimed that the President has impregnated one of the daughters of Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

His Lawyer, Hassan Tampuli, says his client does not deny writing articles and stands by them.

Mr. Dabboussie is believed to be a sympathizer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), and a book he launched recently titled ‘59 years of Ghana to Nowhere: The future is Now,’ is President Mahama.

The story first broke on social media, where it was revealed that Mr. Dabboussi’s house was ransacked and all copies of the books taken. The BNI has since returned the books.

Hassan Tampoli said on Sunday at about 5:45 am, operatives of the BNI returned to the residence of Mr. Dabboussie without a search warrant but they were given access to the property.

Some opposition NPP sympathizers and human rights activists have condemned the act on social media, claiming the action by the BNI is arbitrary.

The president of Ghana told d world at UN not to force democracy on Africa, he gets home only to detain a strong critic of his


‘Offensive comments against the president’ vrs Threats to murder and rape Supreme Court Judges. Guess who’s free?


Montie 3 hailed after threatening to rape & murder judges. Fadi does constructive criticism & gets detained. Rigged system!


Opressors’ rule under @JDMahama is so evident. FBI detains Fadi for frivilous reasons, refusing him access to his lawyer


Freedom of speech under attack in Ghana. @JDMahama you know political power is transit, don’t exercise it arbitrarily.



Source: Myjoyonline.com

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