28 February 2017

Blood not for sale – National Blood Service


Some volunteers donating blood.

A deputy chief blood donor recruiter at the National Blood Service, Mr David Ahiadzro has discounted the notion that blood was for sale at the various blood banks across the country.

Rather, he explained patients in need of blood transfusion are made to pay for the cost component that goes into processing the blood to make sure it passes all safety and regulatory procedures.

He said the protocol was that every blood must be thoroughly screened to ensure that donated blood was safe for transfusion.

And therefore it is the one third cost component of the processing which patients are made to pay.

“So basically blood is for free but you have to pay for processing charges that will make sure the blood is wholesome or as safe as possible.  But all of us must understand that once the blood has been donated, screened and certified safe then that means it has become like any therapeutic product like any medicine in the pharmacy, “he said.

Speaking to Graphic Online on the sidelines of a free medical screening and blood donation exercise by the Young Adults’ Fellowship (YAF) of the Adabraka Presbyterian Church last Saturday, Mr Ahiadzro said there were measures in place to waive such fees when patients are deemed unable to meet their financial obligations.

“Social welfare normally comes in when we realise a patient cannot actually pay for the processing fee,” he added.

Touching on a sustainable blood donation drive, he urged Ghanaians to consider blood donation as a civic responsibility that requires the participation of every healthy citizen.

He added that it was necessary to have a pro-social behavior in lending a hand towards the national blood service.

Mr Ahiadzro stated that blood as an essential commodity cannot be manufactured or purchased in the market hence the need for people to step forward as patriotic citizens and donate blood to save lives.

The chairperson of the anniversary committee, Mr Frank Anane-Frempong underscored the need to embark on such programmes to help augment national efforts in making Ghana a better place.

Speaking on theme of the anniversary celebration “impacting on our generation”, he said: “We are trying to do something for God and country.

“All our activities lined up from games, prayer retreats, and house to house evangelism is to tell people that we are part of the Christian kingdom, and to teach people to live peacefully with their neighbours as one people.”

“We also encouraged our members and community to take up causes that will make the country better like donating blood to the National Blood Service. So in all we are empowering people to do something for God and country,” he stated.

The health screening exercise for the residents was on eye and breast, blood sugar, hepatitis and prostrate examination.

It was organised in partnership with the Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL) and formed part of YAF’s 10th anniversary celebration.

click here for more photos of the free health screening and blood donation exercise.


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