20 January 2017

BlogRMD Spits Fire On Fans: Stop Leveraging On My Celebrity Status!


Maybe not all but a lot more than can be brought to book love veteran Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe Damijo popularly known as RMD for obvious reasons.

He is good looking, he acts so well with one hell of a striking sense of style. Truth be told, dude is quite the envy of a lot of women; myself very much included.

We are all aware of what people would do just so they could be associated with one celebrity or another. RMD says he gets a lot of private messages and a lot of request from fans wanting him to be their mentor and the what not’s.

According to him, he loves and appreciates all that but he would love if people would just be honest with their motives rather than coming up with all sort of stories just to enjoy his status as a celeb.

Taking to Instagram, he tears into such people, read what he wrote below.

“On regular basis I get request from people asking me to ‘be their father’ and I find that flattering and scary. Scary not because I’, afraid to mentor and impact, on the contrary I am extremely happy and proud when I get any chance to mentor and inspire anyone to be /do better.

But, a lot people ask for the wrong reasons. They want to hang around my celebrity status, forgetting that I’m just an ordinary man with hopes, dreams, worries and fears.

Some want to grow their social media followers by showing off connection with me forgetting that social media doesn’t really matter.

Some want to hang out, walk the red carpet, attend shows and events without bringing anything to the table.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have fans around me, but please make your intentions clear, do not want my celebrity status and pretend you want to learn.

Do not want pictures with me and pretend you want my depth. Let your plans be plain.”

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