06 July 2017

Best Sunday Church Style Inspirations Served By Fashionista Karen All (Living-My-Bliss-Instyle)


Style blogger and fashion designer, Karen All, known by her Instagram handle as Living-my-bliss-instyle, is one of the most stylish fashion bloggers we know and among all the style she serves, she does church style even best.

If you want to slay to church every Sunday, then you would want to live off Karen’s page because her church style is all the inspiration you need. From the sophisticated African print looks to chic Western style, and the African print-Western blend, she does it best.

Her style is a blend of modern fashion and modesty, so you can look as stylish as you want and still pass for the church appropriate look.

So if you are looking for stylish church style inspirations, then get in here and take a cue from this fashionista.

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