30 August 2017

Bear Grylls’ new show Celebrity Island shocks viewers with 66 swear words in 45 minutes – with Corrie’s Ryan Thomas and Olympian Iwan Thomas the worst offenders

CELEBRITY Island with Bear Grylls left viewers opened mouthed with a barrage of foul language – including 52 uses of the “F-word” by stars.

Fans of the show complained about the torrent of four letter words with one used every 40 seconds.

Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls contestant Ryan Thomas was the worst offender for swearing
Channel 4

Coronation Street’s Ryan Thomas, 33, and Olympian Iwan Thomas, 43, were the worst offenders swearing 18 and 17 times respectively.

The show, fronted by survival expert Bear, sees celebrities left on a uninhabited Pacific Ocean island for 28 days to fend for themselves.

Viewer Viki Cowley said: “Do they have to swear so much?”

Will Nesbit blasted: “I like a swear word as much as the next bloke but there is no need for the language.”

And Richard Whitbread joked: “Let’s see how many times we can say the F word in one minute.”

Even host Bear Grylls swore
Channel 4
Olympian Iwan Thomas was one of the most foul-mouthed
Channel 4

Fans were so irked by the latest series’ opening episode on Tuesday night that three complained to watchdog Ofcom about the language.

A total of 66 swear words were used by stars in the 45 minutes of footage including “s***”, “t**s”, “d***” and “b***h” – a rate of almost one and half every minute.

Ryan Thomas screams in pain after he gets cramp while swimming on Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls

Even presenter and dad-of-three Bear, 43, used the “S-word” within the first six minutes.

And Ryan was first to turn the air blue less than two and a half minutes into the Channel 4 show which began 15 minutes after the 9pm watershed.

The latest series of Celebrity Island began last night
Channel 4
Iwan was the subject of abuse online
Iwan was the subject of abuse online
Channel 4

Furious fans also accused sprinter Iwan of being sexist when he called The Only Way Is Essex’s Lucy Mecklenburgh, 26, a “pretty ditzy girl” and moaned about when “women are really hormonal, time of the month and all that”.

Laura Hargreaves said: “Iwan being utter sexist. Macho idiot.”

And Sue Tilley fired: “What a blithering sexist idiot Iwan Thomas is. He’s everything I hate about men who think they are alpha males.“

Iwan was blasted for 'sexist' remarks
Channel 4
A number of people were irked by Iwan's language
A number of people were irked by Iwan's language
Channel 4
He called Lucy Mecklenburgh a 'pretty ditsy girl'
He called Lucy Mecklenburgh a 'pretty ditzy girl'

An Ofcom spokesman said: “We will assess these complaints before deciding whether or not to investigate.”

A Channel 4 spokeswoman said: “The series is appropriately scheduled after the watershed, was preceded by a strong language flagging, and reflects the experiences of those on The Island.”

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