06 July 2017

AUDIO: My husby agreed I have an affair with a Lesbian – Lady Confesses

A young woman believed to be in her late twenties (20s) confessed to having affair with another woman.

She said her husband agreed to this relationship with a lesbian partner because he hardly gets time for her.

According to her, the husband, a businessman who deals with import and export merchandise feared he’ll lose her even though they’ve been married for several years.

“Being in a relationship with same partner is a choice, so far as I don’t engage in prostitution, It’s just one person. My husband is aware and he agreed to this decision because he doesn’t have time for me,” She said on Asempa FM.

The young woman (name withheld) who seems excited about her actions said lesbianism is a choice she made which is better than getting into prostitution.

“My husband told me the fact that it’s not a man I’m going out with, but a woman he’s okay with my choice and that he isn’t the least bothered,” she added.

According to her, there are issues about their marriage life which she felt reluctant to disclose.

When the husband was reached on phone to explain his side of the story, he revealed that he provides everything the wife wants but her demand for sex is too much.

According to him, because he did not want to lose her, he agreed that she get same sex partner as she proposed to him.

“I’m not impotent but your reaction always make me take decision which I don’t have to, all because I love you,” he said.

The conversation which nearly turned muddy on live radio, left the businessman revealing how often he had tried to confront the husband of his wife’s lesbian partner to discuss how to break their lesbian relationship which is a great bother to him.

His wife threatened to blow up his cover and opt out of the marriage should the husband break her relationship with her lesbian partner.

Lady confesses to having affair with same sex

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