Assemblyman unhappy about abuse of tramol drug

Dennis Peprah, GNA

Ntotroso, (B/A), July
28, GNA – Mr Maxwell Atuahene, the Assemblyman for Ntotroso in the Asutifi
North District of the Brong-Ahafo Region, has expressed worry about the
excessive use and abuse of tramol drug among the youth in the area.

He said immediate
measures must be taken to bring the situation under control, else something
unfortunate could happen to the users.

In an interview with
the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Ntotroso, a mining community in the area, Mr
Atuahene who is the owner of the Maxwell Atuahene Chemical shop, an over the
counter licensed drug store, said the demand for the drug among adolescent boys
and girls in the area was very high.

Tramol (acetaminophen)
is a pain reliever and a fever reducer and is used to treat many conditions
such as headache, muscle aches, arthritis, backache, toothaches, colds and

It relieves pain in
mild arthritis but its side effect according to the medicine seller is similar
to a narcotic.

Mr Atuahene observed
that the abusers of the drug who were mostly engaged in illegal or small scale
mining laced it with five Star energy drink for either sexual enhancement or
for narcotic purposes.

He noted the abuse of
the drug was commonly among the youth in the major towns in the District-
Kenyasi number one, Kenyasi number two, Ntotroso, Gyedu and Wamahinso.

Mr Atuahene indicated
because the Police in the area had intensified patrols to clamp down on Indian
hemp smokers and peddlers, many of them had changed and diverted attention to
the excessive use of the tramol drug.

He appealed to the
District Security Council to do something about the situation as soon as

Mr Adusah Yakubu, the
Chief Executive Officer of the Firm Foundation and Environment Ghana, a
Kenyasi-based non-governmental organisation told the GNA that many Senior High
School students, including girls were also abusing drugs.

He added that aside
the use of the drug, alcoholism and sexual promiscuity among the students were
also high which needed to be controlled.

Mr Yakubu suggested
that the drug must be banned, if possible, saying that was the surest way to
control its abuse among the youth in the area.


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