18 September 2016

Asiedu Nketia is confused – John Boadu

john-boaduOpposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) General Secretary John Boadu has described his National Democratic Congress (NDC) counterpart, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, as confused for claiming that the party only organises hollow and impulsive press conferences.

Mr Nketia, also known as General Mosquito, in an interview with Class News mocked news conferences delivered by the NPP in recent times.

Even though Mr Nketia admitted that the NPP had great thinkers, he said the “quality of their press conferences these days leaves much to be desired”.

“The press conference addressed by Nana Akomea, supported by John Boadu, in my view, is very hollow and bereft of ideas,” General Mosquito added.

Mr Nketia’s statement was in response to the press conference organised by the NPP on Wednesday, September 14, a day after President Mahama had presented highlights of the NDC 2016 manifesto. The NPP, during the presser, accused the president of being empty on ideas to develop Ghana.

Responding to Mr Nketia’s assertion that the NPP press conferences were bereft of ideas, Mr Boadu told Class News: “Clearly, you can see this is a sign of a confused person.

This is somebody who organises a press conference and lies that electronic transmission of results has been agreed on by all political parties at IPAC and it turned out to be false.

So, if Asiedu Nketia is talking about organising press conferences and the thought process, I don’t think he understands what even thought processes are. I think he needs to read a bit more than he is doing, if even he reads.”


Source: classfmonline.com

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