Ashitey ‘wasting everybody’s time’ – Zanetor’s lawyer

Nii Armah Ashitey, Member of ParliamenNii Armah Ashitey, Member of Parliament for Klottey Korle and his lawyer Gary Nimako have wasted everybody’s time with the application they filed at the Supreme Court seeking a review of the apex court’s judgment that said the High Court lacked jurisdiction in hearing an earlier case brought before it by the MP to challenge the eligibility of Dr Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings to have stood for and subsequently be elected as the governing NDC’s parliamentary candidate for the constituency, Mr Godwin Tameko, Lawyer for former President Jerry Rawling’s daughter has said.

Mr Ashitey and his lawyer withdrew the case on Wednesday June 15.

They were forced to withdraw the motion because they failed to convince the Supreme Court to reconsider their ruling, reported Class 91.3 FM’s Court Reporter Nabil Ahmed Rufai.

Mr Tameklo told journalists after the Wednesday hearing that: “He [Gary Nimako] has wasted everybody’s … time and he should stop that kind of practice …as you are aware already, it’s out of time for him to file his address to the court but we want expeditious trial, we are not going to wait for him”.

“At all material time, he knew that the path that he has taken will waste the court’s time and today in his speech, you saw how embarrassing it was, how embarrassing … to withdraw his application. It’s so regrettable that we have to go by it. I am in pain as to the attitudes that he has taken …he has wasted everybody’s time.”

He added: “As we speak, Dr Zanetor Agyeman-Ralwings is the parliamentary candidate-elect of the National Democratic Congress for Klottey Korley, nothing will change it. She is going to be presented to the Electoral Commission”.

“They [Ashittey and Nimako] better come for [the legal] battle, let’s do battle and let the court decide the matter so we go our way.

“Why did he have to withdraw his application? It was a terrible peace of document that he was putting before the court. I’m in pain and I need to let him know. He should get ready and come and meet us in the court so that we deal with the substantive matter.”

Mr Tameklo further said: “He sat down without anybody and drafted his own processes and I’m dealing with him on his own processes. He should get ready so we will come to court and settle the real issues …we are ready, we have filed our address to the Supreme Court, he is already out of time.”

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