16 July 2016

Ashanti Regional Minister on Kojo Bonsu resignation – ‘No position is permanent’

Alexander AckonThe Ashanti Regional minister John Alexander Ackon has expressed his sympathy for the embattled KMA boss, Kojo Bonsu but says “no position is permanent”.

Speaking on Abusua Nkomo on Abusua FM with Kwame Adinkra, Mr. Ackon noted Kojo Bonsu has been successful in transforming Kumasi and there was more he could have done without the unfortunate entangle with the Asante chiefs.

According to him, though the KMA boss has resigned, he remains in office pending the president’s acceptance of his resignation.

‘His resignation can be turned down by the president. He is still in office and doing his job as required though he has tendered in his resignation but until the president’s acknowledgement and action, Kojo can’t vacate the position. I sympathize with him though. I have worked with him several times and he is a hardworking gentleman but no position is permanent.’

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