24 July 2017

Apple releases film starring voice assistant and Dwayne Johnson

Apple hired Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to appear in a miniature movie starring its virtual assistant, Siri. Picture: Supplied

JUST when you thought The Emoji Movie was a step too far, Apple has released a short film teaming Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson with its virtual assistant, Siri.

And the world’s richest technology company spared no expense on Siri’s Hollywood debut, packing trips to Italy, Japan, and the Moon into her featurette.

Apple released the comedic, if slightly bizarre, short film on YouTube and the front of its US website this afternoon, but Johnson foreshadowed its arrival, calling Rock & Siri “the biggest, coolest, sexiest, funnest movie ever”.

The short film 
<i>Rock &amp; Siri</i> features space selfies. Picture: Supplied

The short film
Rock & Siri features space selfies. Picture: Supplied

The commercial sees Johnson — who is trimming a bonsai tree while getting a haircut and working out — challenged to pack more into his day.

The following three-minute adventure follows The Rock’s efforts to clear his ‘life goals’ list, including launching a fashion line, painting the Sistine Chapel, sort of hijacking a plane, and taking selfies in space, while asking Siri for help.

The three-minute adventure features The Rock and Siri. Picture: Supplied

The three-minute adventure features The Rock and Siri. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

It even features a brief cameo by Johnson’s beautifully cringe-worthy bumbag photo from 1996.

Apple’s Siri star vehicle arrives five months before the anticipated launch of its smart home speaker, HomePod, that will put the voice assistant in the lounge room.

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But Apple could face an uphill battle in the market, with Amazon and Google having already launched artificially intelligent speakers, including the Google Home speaker that arrived in Australia last week.

Time will tell if Johnson’s charm offensive is enough to convince smart home fans to wait for HomePod’s arrival.

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