13 July 2016

Apesika residents threaten to boycott elections over deplorable roads

roadResidents of Apesika in the Kintampo South district in the Brong Ahafo region have threatened to boycott the upcoming elections over poor roads linking the town to Kintampo.

Due to the deplorable state of the roads, residents of the farming community are unable to cart their farm produce to the market center for sale.

The road in the town has turned muddy, full of gullies and potholes. Alhassan Abdallah is a taxi driver; he explains that with the onset of the rains it continues to deteriorate.

The pool of rainwater on the road enters their cars and commercial drivers have to spend a Ȼ20 on fuel to cover short distances.

He added “if you take the regular fare and do not overcharge, you cannot refill your tank when you run out of fuel. When it rains, the roads become inaccessible so we are compelled to do business elsewhere. We simply do not ply the route. When you use a new car on that road, within a short period it becomes rickety. It is really a problem”.


The Unit Committee Chairperson for the area corroborates the lamentable state of the roads in the area.

He is unhappy about the incessant complaints from drivers and attributes the skyrocketing transportation fare to it.

He revealed that pregnant women are suffering from spontaneous deliveries due to the potholes on the road.

He is therefore calling on government to fix it else they do not want to see any politician on Election Day.

He reiterates that they have voted for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) since 1992 but the party has not provided anything substantial to the town.

The bad state of the road is taking a toll on the health of residents. One of them lost her sister because the roads became inaccessible after it had rained.

The deceased complained of headache and was given some medication. On the way to the hospital at Kintampo, it started raining and they had no choice but to go back home without visiting a health facility.

The road had been swallowed by flood waters. The deceased sister, Latifah said “She lost her sister because of the bad state of the road, but for the roads she will be alive.

The condition of the road can aggravate the already ailing condition of residents when they use the Apesika road. You will feel the pain all over your body when you use that road”

With Successive governments not heeding to calls to fix the roads, fresh farm produce are rotting away on the farmlands, and maternal mortality is also high.

Residents of Apesika have therefore resolved to boycott this year’s elections. They are also threating to visit mayhem on any politician who steps foot there.


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