14 June 2016

Anyone who lauds Mahama’s ‘Biking’ needs mental checkup – Boahen

President John Dramani Mahama reportedly went on bike riding yesterday, Sunday June 12Deputy General Secretary of the NPP, Nana Obiri Boahen has criticized President John Dramani Mahama’s Sunday biking around the capital city to check on the impact of floods areas.

Social media was a beehive of activity after pictures of the president ridingf a Kawasaki motorbike went viral.

According to reports, President Mahama had ridden the motor bike on Sunday afternoon between the hours of 15:45 and 17:30 to the Korle Lagoon estuary and also to the Onyasia stream to see at first hand, the deadly effects of the floods.

Appropriately attired in padded denim riding jacket as well as a riding helmet, the president was said to have the appropriate security cover and an armed police rider with him on his inspection tour.

Many appear fascinated by the viral pictures of the president riding a motorbike and have commended him for his approach to use a two-wheel cart to inspect the affected zones – this appears to be the first time a sitting Ghanaian president is engaging in such a move.

But NPP’s Obiri Boahen sees the president’s ‘invention’ as “needless”.

“This ‘Bob Okala’ approach must not be commended. Let’s be serious! Whoever will laud the president on his Sunday biking may need to be referred to the mental hospital.”

“The president has promised on several platforms to prevent the flooding but nothing has been done to that effect. So if after several years the city is flooding, must we commend him for biking around to inspect affected areas? Then you need to be referred to the mental hospital,” he added in an interview with NEAT FM’s morning show Ghana Montie.

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