29 June 2017

Anti-bullying campaigner Jodie Marsh slammed for picking on Olivia Buckland and calling her a ‘s**t’

LOVE Island’s Olivia Buckland has penned a heartfelt response to hit back at those who have condemned her on-screen antics – including Jodie Marsh.

Outspoken Jodie, who is an avid anti-bullying campaigner, took aim at Olivia for sleeping with Rykard Jenkins on the show before hopping into bed with Alex Bowen, who she has remained with ever since.

Jodie branded the Love Island 2016 cast “s***s”
Fame Flynet

Jodie singled out Olivia for her actions in an interview with the Daily Mail, and branded her and her Love Island co-stars for “acting like s***s” last year.

She added: “This year on Love Island, they’ve been a lot more respectful, they’re not all sh***ing about and jumping into bed with different people.”

The couple declared their love for each other during last night's final
Olivia is now engaged to her Love Island other half Alex Bowen
Olivia posted a two page statement hitting out at the “public figure” that slammed her

Not to take the comment in her stride, 23-year-old Olivia struck back with a two page rant about those who “pick on a girl half their age” in a thinly veiled hit back at the former glamour model.

Posting the statement on Twitter, she wrote: “It legit pains me to even comment on this but I have a lot of girl followers and I want to stand up for myself and other girls who may be being shamed for things they should’ve and bullied whether it be online, in the work place, in school or wherever by others girls.. this is not acceptable, we are girl, we have fought for out rights.”

Love Island
Olivia bedded Rykard Jenkins (above) on screen before getting with Alex

Singling out “one particular person” without naming names, she continued: “A ‘public figure’ double my age, who has never met me, has yet again publicly in the press, with no motive, reference me a bed hopper and a s***, this is after previous comments about me a few months ago, and after a previous emotionally abusive relationship ending due to my ex partner cheating with this woman.”

Olivia has labelled Jodie a bully for her targeted comments
Rex Features
Jodie Marsh runs around naked to celebrate her divorce from James Placido

“I feel picked on and goaded into responding in a similar way but that is not the way I like to handle stuff and as girls we should not be rising to this, we need to speak up and call people out in the hope that bullying will end,” she added.

Olivia then added that she wanted to “respect” the person in question but her attempts to keep the peace have fallen short.

Jodie Marsh has been caught up in a string of rows with romping reality stars

“To comment on something or have an opinion is a human right, however to single out a girl half your age again and again is to me bullying and I don’t want to silently tolerate that anymore,” she said.

“I accept myself, I accept my past and I like to look to the future with my gorgeous fiance and try to be positive as much as possible even with my down days.”

Jodie has never been afraid to bare all online but has spoken out against those who bonk on screen

The star then ended her statement by saying she wouldn’t discuss the matter any further.

Back in January, Jodie ignited a long-running feud with a series of reality stars after taking a swipe at Chloe Ferry on her eviction from Big Brother.

Making a Twitter dig, Jodie wrote it wasn’t “cool” to have sex on TV – something Chloe does on a regular basis on Geordie Shore – before writing: “RIP Geordie Shore, Love Island & Ex On the Beach. You had a good run but your time is up. The public have spoken & they want classy!”

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