21 August 2017

Ankaful hospital to shut door to patients

Authorities of the Ankaful Psychiatric hospital say they are likely to turn away new patients if government does not provide them with funds.

According to the Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Kwaw Armah Arloo, all the hospital is heavily indebted and has run out of medical supplies but all it gets from government is assurances

The situation, has said even worsens when their suppliers whom they owe for many years come to the facility for their monies.

In an interview with Joy News’ Central regional correspondent, Richard Kojo Nyarko, Dr. Arloo revealed that, last year the hospital did not receive any medicine so they used the little they had which was woefully inadequate.

The Ankaful Medical Director he stressed will soon discharge many of its patients deemed fit to save the little money they have for the inmates.

“The whole of this year, nothing has been given us to feed and fund the activities of the hospital and we can’t continue doing that if government refuse to help us. We will go ahead and refuse admission if it continues”.






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