27 July 2017

Angry driver berates US cop with foul-mouthed rant over ticket – but impressive officer keeps his cool

THIS video shows the moment an angry driver berates a US cop for giving him a ticket for having tinted windows.

Impressively the officer keeps his cool with the driver, even wishing him a safe day as he left.

The officer kept his cool during the encounter

The driver videoed the encounter and posted it online.

The footage shows a police officer approach the man’s car to issue with him a ticket for having tinted windows.

The driver then begins to shout at the unnamed officer, saying: “Are you f***ing proud to come to work every day?

“Real tough pulling people over, that’s chicken sh*t!”

Despite the abuse the cop keeps calm and explains why he is issuing the ticket, and calmly says “Jst sign the box and you can be on your way.”

The officer even wished the man a safe day

He eventually signed the ticket but covered the camera

Adding: “This is a violation, you’ve been cited for it m, its only a ticket, its ot a big deal, you’re working yourself up over absolutely zero.”

The man then says that it’s his turn to give a lecture.

Shouting at the cop he says: “Get a real f***ing, go work in a city and do something good for the public. This isn’t improving a goddamn thing.”

He then accuses the officer of “creating a divide” in his community.

Without raising his voice, the police officer repeats: “Thank you sir, can you please sign your citation” before wishing him a safe day.

The clip ends with the driver saying he is going to put the video online.

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