09 July 2017

Angela Rayner admits Labour’s plans to abolish student debt ‘would cost £100billion’ – and they don’t know where the money would come from

LABOUR’S plan to abolish student debt would cost £100billion – and they don’t know how they would pay for it, the shadow education secretary admitted today.

Angela Rayner also dismissed Jeremy Corbyn’s claim​ ​that fewer working class kids were getting to university as a result of hiked tuition fees.

Angela Rayner dismisses Jeremy Corbyn's claim that fewer working class kids getting to university

Before the election the Labour leader said he was “looking at ways” to get rid of the thousands of pounds of debt students come out of university with.

As she appeared on the Andrew Marr Show today, Ms Rayner said that the policy to scrap debts for students was only am “ambition” because the party doesn’t yet have the plans to pay for it.

She said: “It’s a huge amount – it’s £100billion which they estimate currently. It’s a huge amount of money. But we also know that a third of that is never repaid.

“But we’ve got to start dealing with this debt crisis that we’re foisting on our young people. They’re leaving university with £57,000 worth of debt. It’s completely unsustainable and we’ve got to start tackling that.”

And she added: “Jeremy said that’s an ambition – it’s something he’d like to do. It’s something we will not announce that we’re doing unless we can afford to do that.”

Angela Rayner said today that Labour's plans to wipe of students debt would cost £100billion
BBC One/Andrew Marr Show
Jeremy Corbyn said before the election that he was 'looking at ways' to clear debt for students
PA:Press Association

The shadow education secretary also dismissed the Labour leader’s claim that working class teenagers were getting put off going to university because of increased tuition fees.

“I don’t believe that’s the case actually,” she said. “I do believe that many working class and part-time and older and mature students are actually leaving university.”

“It’s great that so many are going,” she went on. “But record numbers of people are leaving before they finish their qualifications.”

And after rumours that MPs who did’t agree with Mr Corbyn’s leadership could be deselected, Ms Rayner hit back.


She said: “Anyone talking about deselecting any of my colleagues needs to think who are the real enemy here? Who are making the problems for our communities? 

“It doesn’t help them if we are fighting each other. I love the church that I am in, it’s my religion – I will be happy it’s as democratic and vibrant that it is.”

Liverpool MP Luciana Berger resigned from the Shadow Cabinet last year – and now faces opposition from the executive in her local party
PA:Press Association

Last week Mr Corbyn’s hard-left group Momentum took over a local Labour party in Liverpool and one demanded an apology from Luciana Berger, who had opposed the leader before.

And new shadow minister Chris Williamson said that no MP has a “God-given right to rule”, hinting there may be deselections of MPs ahead.

He told Politics Home: “No MP should be guaranteed a job for life and it’s crucial that we all get with the times.

“MPs elected in earlier phases of this party run the risk of failing to understand what is really going on out there in society.”

Labour party chairman Ian Lavery  also made similar comments.

He said that the party was “too broad a church” and MPs should “work very hard” to avoid deselection.





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