05 October 2016

I have been through alot with men – Eunice Banini

eunice-banini-at-the-eventIs been long since the film industry heard or seen Ghanaian born actress known in real life as Eunice Banini, showcasing her acting prowess.

The veteran actress revealed what she has been going through for the past decades that many haven’t been seeing her on their screens.

Ghanaian hit Television series dubbed Efiewura with her lead role character known as Dede said, “I have been through a lot with men”.

She said this in an interview on the Delay Show. According to her, our work is really difficult especially when you are a married woman, sometimes if I go on location it becomes challenging.

The 54-year-old woman said I got married at the age of 18 years with four kids but for now I have decided to love my self-small.

When asked by host Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay will you [Banini] marry again? She said Satan doesn’t like marriage but God does but sometimes we rush… for now I have 2 boys 2 girls my eldest is around 35, 37 so when I think of all these and were my kids have gotten to and me been a grandmother of three I sometimes need to relax.

“…But I will wait upon the Lord to get me the right partner so I can marry without no problems, she added”.

Currently Eunice Banini is on set shooting Delay’s TV series dubbed Cocoa Brown.

Source: blagogee.com

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