20 July 2016

Alleged thievery at Kotoka International Airport

airportA Ghanaian traveller from the United Kingdom, who arrived at the Kotoko International Airport, has narrated her ordeal involving airport officials tampering with her bag.

 According to  Ms Irene Obiri Yeboah she touched down from an England fight on 11 July 2016, and just like all travellers she had to go through checks.

Speaking to the Daily Searchlight from her base in London, Ms. Obiri Yeboah said that she left Accra at close to midnight because the flight to the UK had delayed.

“When I arrived at UK to clear my bag I realised instantly that the bags had been tempered with because they were very light in weight. I waited until I got home before opening, only to discover that virtually all the things in my bag had been stolen,” she said.

These included several pieces of brand new African clothes that she had bought to use while in the UK. Over several weeks the Daily Searchlight had been receiving reports of similar petty thefts. One old woman was robbed of her tablet and other valuables after going through the KIA.

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