29 June 2017

Aisleyne gives her take on the four new housemates including ‘boring fart’ Simone – as she lays into ‘tacky as f***’ evictee Savannah

Wow! I really think Big Brother should be changing its name to Last Chance Saloon…
Four new house mates – well, ones that didn’t get in before – have been thrown into the House. They call them second chance housemates. I just hope they are not second rate… Let’s talk about them one by one.


My immediate reaction was that I like her. She seemed bubbly and happy, I just hope that doesn’t become annoying.
She has a motto for her arrival to the house – SOS. Standby, Observe and she will Steer the house into order.
Big talk there, it would be great if she backed it up with action. I hope Chanelle has met her match to be honest.

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Sue grabs the mic before entering the house[/caption]


Apparently an ex glamour model (rolls eyes slowly) can’t say I’ve ever seen her or our paths have crossed but okay love,whatever you say!
She also said she’s more wild than anyone in the house, but she looked more like a boring fart in a dress to me…

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Simone used to be a glamour model[/caption]


Well he was absolutely buzzing at the fact he was going in, he really was strutting around like ‘he da man’. I think he’s an alpha male and maybe Tom has his new leader now Lotan has gone.
He reckons he fancies Ellie because she’s down to earth… hmmm I’m not sure I believe him, he better be good to her or I won’t be happy because I love little Ellie.

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Sam thinks he’s cock of the walk[/caption]


Uggggh! Just when we got rid of one little annoying voice we get another one.
When someone’s voice annoys me I’m afraid it’s a wrap and I can’t get past it!

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Aisleyne has no time for Andrew[/caption]

So meanwhile, Savannah has gone and I for one am fine with that. I didn’t hate the girl… but the constant name dropping was repulsive and tacky as f***!
I was in the house for three months and NEVER name dropped ONCE! Even though my ex was one of the most well known names on the planet.
Why? Because it’s classless and an invasion of the famous persons privacy. GIRL BYE!


Savannah has said her final goodbyes to the house after being booted out[/caption]

Chanelle is confusing my emotions this week. One minute I catch myself laughing at her jokes, and in the flip of a coin I’m back mad at her again.
She says things with such a straight face but then pulls it off as banter.
Chanelle and Hannah bicker over their pageant titles on Big Brother
You know the old saying “never a truer word than that said in jest”? Yeah, that!
I think she uses it as a way to get her true thoughts out about people and then when people don’t like it or stand up to her she goes from 0-100 REAL QUICK! Baffling!
Chanelle's banter is sometimes very cutting
That said the argument between her and Hannah got personal and Chanelle was kind of in the wrong because she’s supposed to be really close with Hannah.
Don’t do your girls like that, it’s not cool. Hannah did over react though but that’s what she always does.
She takes things way too close to heart. She’s actually extremely sensitive but that’s depressing to watch as she’s always doom and gloom.


Hannah promotes doom and gloom according to Aisleyne[/caption]

Deborah on the other hand is amazing. I love her more and more each day.

From the way she looks out for her sister to the way she remained calm and diplomatic with Chanelle in the row with Hannah.
She makes me want a sister of my own… just like her!


Aisleyne is a big fan of Deborah[/caption]

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