25 July 2017

Agyemang Badu lauds CAF for AFCON date change to June/July

Ghana midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang Badu has said he is satisfied with the changes to the Africa Cup of Nations and believes the move will alleviate pressure on players

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) confirmed on Thursday that the biggest pioneer football competition on the African soil will be expanded to 24 teams – from 16 – and that the tournament will be moved to June and July rather than initial January and February.

Agyemang Badu speaking to Adam Adjei on Kasapa Sports Stadium embraced the changes made by the African football governing body.

“Words cannot describe the joy with which I received the news of the shift from January to June- July. This is because the European season would only be halfway in January and to leave your club during the period when the season is getting tougher puts the club at a disadvantaged position.

“Though the Clubs do not complain when the AFCON letters rear their heads at their outfits, the African players know within their hearts that the timing is quite bad. This is because the coach would have to fish out the perfect substitute to fill the gap created in their absence which does not help the club and from the players’ side, they nurse the fear of losing their respective positions upon their return should the substitute be “too” perfect,” Badu told Kasapa Sports

“As I aforementioned, we implicitly have to prove our relevance to the team when we return which makes it very difficult. At times when we become a regular face on the bench when we return, The National Teams fail to recall us claiming we have become passive in our clubs,” Badu added.

Badu has reached the Nations Cup semifinals on five occasions – reaching the final twice – but is yet to win the continent’s grandest prize.

Alexander Anyankwaa

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