20 July 2017

‘Age Is Nothing But A Number’ – Wanlov Dismisses ‘Sugar Mommy’ Allegations Against His Sister’s Relationship With Medikal


FOKN Bois’ Wanlov da Kubolor has no problem at all with his sister dating someone younger than herself – says “age is nothing but a number”.

Wanlov made an appearance on Hitz Fm and was asked numerous questions about Sister Derby and Medikal’s (in)famous relationship.

Asked by Dr Pounds what he makes of the age difference between the duo (Derby is 32 and Medikal is 25), Wanlov was cool about it. He said age should not be a barrier to a relationship, and said even his sister looks younger than her age physically and also due to her bubbly personality.

“Age is nothing but a number and Deborah, apart from looking younger than her age, she’s very playful, very young at heart so until she releases her age to you, you won’t even know,” he said.

When asked how he sees the relationship, Wanlov said he sees the two always happy and pushing each other to be better artists, which is all that matters.

“They have fun. I always watch their snapchat and meeting them. They’re happy together. They’re pushing and helping each other to excel,” he added.

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