Agalga did not lobby Rev. Martey – Interior Ministry

fgggggggggrvThe Interior Ministry says the former Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana deceived the public when he alleged that he rejected an offer to chair the National Peace Council.

A statement issued by the Ministry Monday, dismissed the claim that Deputy Minister James Agalga approached the leading clergyman with the offer.
The outspoken Christian leader revealed last week that although the Christian Council nominated him to be on the Council, he had a funny feeling about taking the position.

“So I told God about it. I don’t do anything without first consulting my friend the Holy Spirit. Few days to the inauguration of the Peace Council, I had a missed call; I didn’t know the person so I didn’t call back. So the person sent a text message, it was the Deputy Minister of Interior, [James] Agalga. So immediately something said call so I called back. He was then at the house so he came out,” Rev Martey added.

“First I said, ‘yes, this is the Rev. Prof. Martey, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana,’ but you know something, the Holy Spirit blinded his mind so he didn’t even hear that it was the Presby Moderator who was talking to him. The Holy Spirit wanted him to tell me what he has for me, to help me decide whether or not to be a member of the Peace Council. He said he had a meeting with the Minister of Interior and they both agreed that I become the Chairman of the Peace Council.”

But responding to the claim, the Interior Ministry pointed out James Agalga could not have lobbied the former Moderator because the law grants him no such power.

Rev. Martey has been in the news after revealing that some politicians are trying to get him to tone down on his critical political commentary by offering him gifts.

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The Ministry of the Interior has been following, with keen interest, wild allegations by Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey on various media platforms that the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Hon. James Agalga, in consultation with the Minister of the Interior, offered him the position as Chairman of the National Peace Council.

According to Section 4 (2) and (3) of the National Peace Council Act, 2011, Act 818 the position of the Chairperson of the Peace Council is elective, that is, only members of the Board can elect one of their members as the Chairperson.

Hon. James Agalga could not have ‘lobbied’ Rev. Prof. Martey to take up the position of Chairman of the Peace Council in view of the fact that he not clothed with such power in view of the law.

As provided by the National Peace Council Act 2011, Act 818, members of the Board of the National Peace Council are nominated by –
(a) various religious bodies

(b) two persons nominated by the President

(c) two other persons nominated by identifiable groups (d) one representative of the National House of Chiefs.

Rev. Prof. Martey was nominated by the Christian Council of Ghana as a member of the Board in April 2016. Later, the Ministry was informed by a letter from the Christian Council about the decision to withdraw the nomination of Rev. Prof. Martey and the subsequent replacement by Rev. Dr. Adu Gyamfi.

The Ministry wishes to assure the general public that the National Peace Council is a credible institution constituting highly respected eminent persons duly nominated and elected by following the due processes provided by the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana.



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