22 August 2017

Africa Should Focus On Farming To ‘Feed Ourselves’ – Farmer John Dumelo


It’s kind of an ironic situation concerning Africa when it comes food and the other plentiful resources we have.

In many ways we are the richest continent in terms of resources but poorest in terms of economic revenue raised from those resources.

Actor John Dumelo has recognised that irony and is calling for Africa to invest more into farming as a means to increase our food production.

Dumelo believes with the kind of abundant sun, rain and soil present on this continent, we should not be starving or even spending so much money to import food from other continents.

Dumelo has taken a turn to farming in recent years and at a recent visit to his farm, he tweeted the need for Africa to sink more into farming.

“Africa is blessed with sun, soil and water….farming should be our number one focus. Let’s feed ourselves!” he tweeted.

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