08 July 2017


There is a general consensus the world over that, more women should be encouraged to venture into the “murky” arena of politics.

This belief is firmly anchored on the conviction that women are naturally honest,generous and most importantly less corrupt than their male counterparts. A classical model that is often cited as a justication for this call,particularly in Africa, has been the Rwandan Model.Rwanda with all its chequered and unfortunate history,has been a shining economic example in Africa with an average GDP Growth rate of 8% over the last decade.Rwanda has 64% of it parliamentarians being women against a global average rate of 22%. This seem to make the case for gender equality in governance and political leadership all the more stronger.

However,the recent misadventure of Hon.Adwoa Sarfo,the member of Parliament for Dome kwabenya has got a lot of gender activist revising their note.This lady was caught on camera peddling palpable untruth.she claims,for the avoidance of doubt that,the community day school that was established in DOME KWABENYA CONSTITUENCY by HIS EXCELLENCY,JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA, under the SECONDARY EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME was her personal initiative resulting from her previous engagement with the World Bank.she also alleges that all the senior high schools were built in the NDC strongholds except the one in Dome kwabenya which was through her instrumentality.As an NDC YOUTH ACTIVIST IN THE ASHANTI REGION, l would like to focus on schools only in the Ashanti region.

1.First of all,this statement is factually inaccurate.indeed,there are 13 of the community day secondary schools stashed across the Ashanti region.which is the stronghold of The Npp.infact, 8 of them are situated
in constituencies which has never voted NDC.they are
1.ADUGYAMA Secondary in the Ahafo Ano south-east constituency
2.ADOBEWORA secondary in the ATWIMA mponua constituency.
3.OYOKO in the Bosomtwe constituency.
4.ASUOSO in the OFFINSO countituency.
5.BANKA in the Asante Akyem south constituency
6.ADANSI apedwa in the adansi Area
7.AGRIC NZEMA in the Kwadaso constituency
8.Obuasi in the Obuasi east constituency.
.interestingly,all these areas are traditional npp strongholds which the NDC has never won since 1996.so the claim by the minister is clearly uninformed and uneducated.

Secondly,the World Bank as an international organization,do not deal with individuals. It provides some kind of financial and technical assistance to countries facing balance of payment and structural adjustment problems.bottom line is the World Bank does not deal with individuals in their personal capacity be they presidents,prime Ministers or Members of Parliament. so for a whole mp who doubles as a minister to show such crass ignorance is deeply worrying.it may be a case of mischief or propaganda gone bad. it could also be a case of genuine ignorance.but whatever the case may be,it calls into question the competence of Nana addo’s appointees.for a party that prides itself as having the men,this kinds of gaffes are simply unpardonable,especially when it is coming from a minister in charge of public procurement.

Thirdly,for an mp to tout an educational edifice that did not even come into being through her efforts after his party has bastardized the sterling achievement of JOHN MAHAMA in the area physical infrastructure, is patently hypocritical.it smacks of double standards and clear lack of principle on the part of the Npp.it marks a shameful departure from their previous narrative which sought to protray the provision of physical infrastructure as the mundane activities of every govt and therefore unworthy of commendation.

Comrades and friends,there seem to be grand conspiracy from the NPP to obliterate the Towering legacies of John Dramani MAHAMA;there is an attempt to disassociate his name from all the legacy projects that he initiated.little wonder why he was not invited to the commissioning of the second phase of GREATER ACCRA REGIONAL HOSPITAL,a project he started during his time as President? little wonder why he was not invited to the commissioning of FPSO kuffour yesterday in the sankofa fields,a project the NPP minority in Parliament opposed and branded it as needless and superfluous?

The FPSO kuffour has the potential to process about 3O,ooo barrels of crude and 171,OOO to 18O,OOO standard cubic feet of gas per day this will bring in close to $3billion annually to the Akufo-addo’s govt in terms of revenue the liquefied petroleum gas will provide a local source of supply to our thermal plants this will not only make Ghana energy sufficient but also a net exporter to the west African power pool clearly,this is not a useless investment as the minority branded it at a time.

This is the ENDURING legacy of HIS EXCELLENCY,JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA,the more you try to suppress it,More it towers for all to see.


Abass Nurudeen
Aspiring communication officer
Ashanti Region


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