09 July 2016

Adu Asare begs for Montie FM panelists

Kojo Adu Asare2A Presidential Staffer, Kojo Adu Asare has appealed to judges in the country to forgive the two embattled men who threatened the lives of judges just as they forgave former NPP general secretary Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie when he insulted them during the election petition hearing.

According to him, though the comments by the duo are regrettable, the Judges must be lenient with the beleaguered two, and leave them off the hook since there’s been precedence not long ago.

The Supreme Court has formally written to the panelists and the owner of the station to appear before it next week over the threat. They are expected to appear on July 12 to justify why they should not be prosecuted.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo show Friday, Kojo Adu Asare who is a former Member of Parliament for Adenta stated that though the duo were irresponsible in their comments, the Judges must temper justice with mercy.

“A former General Secretary of the NPP insulted the Supreme Court and was hauled before the apex Court for contempt. A former Attorney General, Nii Ayikoi Otoo who was his counsel in court asked the court to temper justice with mercy, because the former party Chief Scribe was possessed by a spirit he had no control of which led him to utter those unfortunate statements.

“For me, once there’s precedence where the Judges tempered justice with mercy, then we are also begging and asking the Judges to temper the same justice with mercy. If that was possible then we the NDC are begging same from the Judges. We will not dissociate ourselves from the station, as for the programme and what was said that day, we’ll never associate ourselves with that, that statement was regrettable.”

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