27 July 2017

Actors have turned models because nobody is producing these days – Kafui Danku

Ghanaian actress and producer, Kafui Danku has said it has become a norm for Ghanaian actors/actresses taking up the lifestyle as models, and slay on red carpets because there has been decline in movie production in Ghana.

“I don’t think we are that terrible enough for people or companies not to associate with us. Nobody is producing these days that is why we’ve turned models right now, we take pictures and post on social media.. we’re just having fun, we’re thinking of the show aspect more than the business aspect or the holding down of the industry aspect,” Kafui Danku said on her YouTube Vlog Channel.

Commenting on the frustrations of the industry, Danku said the lack of support for each other in the movie industry as colleague actresses is what has stifled the growth of the industry.

The Movie Producer said it is regrettable that social media has been used as a platform to create needless controversies among actors in Ghana instead of connecting them professionally.

 “I had a call from a radio station to address why I said some actors are selfish and I missed the conversation. I mentioned that companies or outfit don’t support us enough so whiles we are addressing the piracy and the cinema issues it will just be nice that we have support from some able bodies to keep the industry running and growing well and then the presenter said something that really broke my heart, he said it’s because of our controversies that companies don’t want to associate themselves with us or sponsor us or sign us on or support our events etc… It’s really heart breaking because this is a big industry player that I expect to use his airwaves to say something positive to grow the industry and not rather to look for a reason why the support isn’t there.

“I’ve mentioned earlier so many other things with regards to why the industry isn’t growing. The role that we play in the declining of the industry and also some people that are concerned are intentionally being misunderstood because the issue here should be on growing the industry. Social media I think exist to connect people not to disconnect people so it should rather connect us instead of disconnecting us. It’s really sad that an industry player will say that. I also see in other countries even in the US, people that have very terrible controversies being supported by bigger brands and also companies still associating with them. We are humans, somethings we can do a few things here and there but certain things shouldn’t be taken out of context or shouldn’t be tagged as a controversy. As far as I’m concern, our big or top actors have no controversies.”




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