12 June 2016

Accra Floods: Mayor must resign immediately – PNC

accra floodsThe People’s National Convention (PNC) has asked the Chief Executive of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Alfred Oko Vanderpuije to resign with immediate effect.

According to the Director of Communication for PNC, Emmanuel Wilson, the Mayor has overseen too many misfortunes which had made his position untenable and therefore the only option left for him is to resign and save the city and by extension, the country.

He said the nearly nine hours of rainfall, Thursday, which submerged many homes in Accra is a clear indication that the Accra Mayor has failed.

“The mayor should resign because he has failed totally when it comes to prevention of floods in Accra. Last year when so many people died as a result of flood and fire, he said he was going to prevent it, but we are rather seeing worse things. The whole nation should stand up against him because he is risking the lives of Ghanaians” he said.

The heavy downpour which started in the early hours of Thursday flooded low-lying parts of the capital, notably Adabraka, Circle and Airport Residential area, Alajo and Teshie Nungua.

It also led to severe traffic jams as the rains cut off several roads and streets.

Mr. Wilson in an interview believes since Mr. Vanderpuije is unable to take stringent measures to curb the situation, he should leave his post and allow a more competent person to take charge.

“For the past 3 to 4 years, we have not been able to get a proper solution for this perennial flooding, and after I saw pictures of Thursday’s flooding, I think we should get a more competent and confident person who will take the issue seriously” he stressed.

Mr. Wilson, who believes the issue of perennial flooding is a leadership problem, indicated that if he (Oko Vanderpuije) does not resign voluntarily, President Mahama should force him out.

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