23 July 2016

Accra Aca old boys go home

accra academyThe Bubiashi campus of Accra Academy is set to witness what is expected to be the ‘mother of all homecomings’ this Saturday, July 23 when all Bleoobii (all old and current students) converge at the school to celebrate the 85th anniversary of their alma mater.

The year-long 85th programme reaches its climax with the biggest event on the Bleoo calendar.

Homecoming 85 is considered a special event with a float pilgrimage to the old site of the school at Ellen House in Jamestown, where the school started.
“We are going to paint the whole city yellow & blue (the school’s colours)” Nii Maale-Adsei, the Public Relations Officer of the school said.

According to him, Accra Academy as an institution has come a long way from its founding 85 years ago.

The school was established on July 20, 1931 by four young gentlemen all under the age of 30, G.N. Alema 29, J.A. Halm-Addo 29, K.G. Konuah 27 and S.N. Awuletey 26.

It was started in a building donated by Madam Ellen Buckle in the slums of Jamestown purposely for brilliant but needy students who couldn’t afford the Mfanstipim’s, Achimota’s, Adisedel’s and the like.

The young men were the first to establish a secondary school as all the earlier schools where either established by the colonial government or missionaries.

According to the Anniversary Planning Committee, the float to the new site would commence from the school at 8am Saturday through the principal streets of Accra.

The statement reiterated the annual homecoming is a platform to reminisce the past, emerge from behind the social media veil, share memories with old friends, network, promote and bring development to the institution
Nii Maale-Adsei said the special feature in the 85th anniversary include fireworks, bonfire and the new venue (Interact Square) for the event.

He further stated that there would be a food court, with enough eat and drink.

“We are using this event to invite all Bleoobii anywhere to come to support their school of no regrets whilst we honour the memories of our visionary of our founding fathers,” he concluded.

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