14 July 2017

Abronye DC Says Amnesty Int’l Head Should Have S*x With A Sheep To Prove Why Ghana Needs Gay Marriage (Video)


When you realise that this is what passes for serious discourse in Ghana, you realise why we’re perpetually mired in the hole we’re in.

Abronye, and most Ghanaians like him who make this lame argument, have mounted up a huge strawman of bestiality against decriminalising homos*xuality, because they really have no good argument against it.

And they what they do is they knock this strawman down and feel they’ve made the argument of the century.

The Brong Ahafo Regional Youth Organiser for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kwame Baffor, more commonly known as Abronye DC, says the country director of Amnesty International should sleep with a sheep, if he wants homos*xuality decriminalised in Ghana.

According to him, since legalising homos*xuality will also lead to calls for bestiality to be legalised, he should have s*x with a sheep to prove his point.

Amnesty International paid a courtesy call on the Speaker of Parliament this week to call for the laws criminalising homos*xuality to be taken off the books.

However, the speaker of Parliament Mike Ocquaye, like Abronye, claimed legalising homos*xuality under the banner of human rights would lead to calls for bestiality to be legalised under the same banner.

Aside from the bestiality argument being a complete non-sequitur, what these clowns fail to realise is that there is a key difference between a homos*xual relationship and one between a man and an animal – the issue of consent.

A goat cannot consent to be mounted, a goat cannot ask for chop money and a goat sure as hell cannot sue for divorce.

There’s the line between homos*xuality and bestiality, for these ignorant folks who, with all their ignorance, find themselves occupying great positions of power.

No wonder Ghana is such a pit, considering the reasoning capacity of those we call ‘leaders’.

Germany recently legalised gay marriage and Ghanaians had the gall to condemn them. Because between Ghana and Germany, we are the ones who have got our sh*t figured out.

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